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The GDPR in the Health Industry: Startups talk about the benefits and weaknesses of the regulation

The GDPR in the Health Industry - Startups talk about the benefits and weaknesses of the regulation

"On 25 May, a full year has passed since the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Having already analyzed the image that has been formed so far, we addressed two Greek startups related to a sensitive area of the Health Industry, to give us an insight into how the new regulation has affected their operation and to talk about its benefits but also its possible weaknesses."

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Athens Voice GR BookingClinic Platform

Vasileia Chatzistergiou- A woman from Thessaloniki that helps patients

"Vassileia Chatzistergiou is one of the co-founders of BookingClinic, a new innovative platform that helps the patient who wants to be hospitalized or book a treatment in a clinical or medical center, while comparing prices, with just one click. Information searching and direct purchases of products or services from our computer is nowadays part of our everyday life. But, why are health services still missing from the online market?"

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