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On this critical period of the coronavirus disease, reduce the risk of unnesessary transports

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and according to the educational manuals of ARGO federation.

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Stay at home and book via BookingClinic a free appointment for an online session with one of the consultants of IASIS, through your screen.

Speak with one of IASIS special advisors and once he gets your medical record he will be able to guide you on what to do next.

On this critical period of the coronavirus desease reduce danger by avoiding unnecessary transportations.

Medical Guidance from Home


BookingClinic, along with the humanitarian organizations ACTIONAID and IASIS, work together to provide you with free, remote mental health and general guidance.


The IASIS consultant is there for you at your scheduled appointment, and will meet you through your screen, talk to you, on any issue you are consern about.

Book your appointment with a IASIS consultant in just 4 simple steps

Fill in your details and answer a short questionnaire

Apply for an appointment with on of IASIS advisors

Receive an email for an appointment at a specific time (first available) and confirm it

Open the link you received by email and talk to the IASIS advisor. So simple, with just one click!


Our goal is to provide psychological support and guidance on issues that concern the people and strengthen the humanan effort to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The whole procesure is provided to anyone free of charge using the screen of his personal device without unnecessary visits and contacts, reducingthe risk of contagion to him and those arround him. At the same time, the user receives reliable and trustworthy medical advice from an internationally recognized organization working with the country's authorities to deal with the crisis, which contributes to good citizen psychology and a calm response to the situation. Besides, a distant medical session after a scheduled online appointment, with direct visual contact and personal conversation with a doctor helps build confidence and improve mental health.

At the same time he/she receives reliable and credible advice from an organization that cooperates with authorities in dealing with the crisis.

A "Virtual" medical session, with direct visual contact and personal conversation with the advisor can successfully improve people’s mental health and at the same time disengage hospitals and medical staff.

Finally, if the patient needs to visit a public hospital selected by the state to deal with the desease, the advisor arranges the appointment, making it easier for him at this critical time.

Do you need medical guidance for Covid-19? Book now for free an online appointment with the Doctors of the World!

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Do you need medical guidance for Covid-19? Book now for free an online appointment with the Doctors of the World!

See more

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact with an IASIS advisor via BookingClinic?

What do I need to know about COVID-19?

  • What equipment is needed?

    You can connect to your computer (recommended), tablet (recommended) or your mobile phone. In all cases your microphone and camera should be turned on.

  • Do I need to install an application on my computer?

    No, you just need click on the link you received in your mail at the time of the appointment.

  • What is the cost?

    The service is free of charge and ActionAid, ΙΑΣΙΣ and BookingClinic provide their services voluntarily. All of them are joining forces in these critical moments at the #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative, providing their services for free.

  • Can I send medical records to the consultant during the session?

    Yes, you can safely forward to the consultant digital medical records (medical tests, medical reports, etc.) through the system during the session. Files must be in jpg or pdf format.

  • Can I talk to an advisor any time?

    Due to the large number of requests, a specific appointment needs to be made, as soon as possible.

  • What time is the service available?

    The team of IASIS is available Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 17.00. However, you can send your request at any time of the day, 24x7 and priority based on the time of the request will be followed.

  • How long does the session last?

    The session lasts 15’.

  • If I need to contact them again what should I do?

    You have to submit a new request, noting in the original form that you have already spoken to a consultant of IASIS.

  • Is it normal to worry about COVID-19?

    The infection caused by COVID-19 is generally mild, especially in children and young adults. However, it can develop into a less mild form: about 1 in 5 people who get sick need hospital care. So, its normal to worry about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect us and our loved ones.

    We can always direct our worries into actions to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the community. We can wash our hands regularly, have good hygiene and follow the advice of local health authorities, including restrictions on travel, transportation and gatherings.

  • How can I manage the intense stress and anxiety I experience due to the new daily life we face?

    Sometimes it would be good for stress to be expressed. So, it would be very useful to give some space to the feeling of anxiety and stress for the virus and for the new everyday life. Finding some time during the day to talk to someone about the stress we are experiencing instead of hiding it, can be helpful. Also, dont forget that the help of a specialist is the best solution, especially when things are stressful.

  • What should I say to my children about COVID-19?

    Childrens emotional reactions to stress are different from those of adults. Regarding the pandemic, the reactions may vary depending on the age of the child. The key to talking to children about the new virus is to create a safe place. Therefore, parents should keep their home as a safe place to talk. Whatever happens in the outside world, inside home there will always be the security and the protection that children need, so that they feel comfortable and calm. In addition, you must remind them of the rules of hygiene that the whole family must follow. On various websites, you can also find illustrated comics to explain the new pandemic and its effects on our lives to younger children, e.g.εδώ.

    If as a parent you find it difficult to manage the situation, do not hesitate to seek online help from a mental health professional, talking to an IASIS advisor with a video call via BookingClinic.com.

  • How can I manage my fear and anxiety if I or someone close to me gets COVID-19?

    The fear of being ill yourself or a person close to you is perfectly reasonable, especially in the frame of a global pandemic such as the one we are experiencing. This fear comes up to the uncertainty of the situation due to COVID-19 disease. So, what you could do is to accept that the current situation is uncertain and that you cant control it. In addition, you need to remind yourself and those around you that we are safe to a large extent if we follow all safety and hygiene measures.

  • Im really worried about the possible changes in my work environment / in my studies due to COVID-19 and I feel very anxious, what would you suggest me to do?

    This is a very stressful time for all of us and it is normal to experience feelings of anxiety, distress and panic. The coronavirus has brought us all face to face with a new reality and with severe upsets in our everyday lives and lifestyles, often causing unprecedented emotions. So, it would be very helpful to talk about your feelings about the pandemic with a mental health professional or online with an IASIS consultant via video call through BookingClinic.com.

  • I am facing difficulties with my mental health, what can I do to take care of myself right now?

    For some people, the outbreak of COVID-19 can cause compulsive thoughts and upseting behaviors, especially if pre-existing conditions such as anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder are present. Whether you are already receiving support for your condition or not, you may find it helpful to talk to your doctor, psychologist / psychotherapist or other medical professionals, specifically about your feelings about the pandemic. If not, you can get initial support online by talking to an IASIS consultant via video-call through BookingClinic.com.

  • Im worried about domestic and / or sexual abuse, what can I do?

    It is true that there has been an increase in cases of domestic violence since the appearance of COVID-19.

    If you are in danger and can talk, call the 15900 or the Greek Police.

    If you are in danger and you can NOT talk, send an email to sos15900@isotita.gr.

    If you are a victim of violence, you should also be aware that the social services of all the municipalities in the country are still functioning at this time, so if you wish, you can contact them for further assistance and support.

Watch EODY guidelines

We follow instructions, we stay safe

We keep personal protective measures and behave responsibly

New coronavirus: Symptoms and ways of protection

Our elderly and vulnerable fellow citizens must stay away from bank counters and ATM

We follow instructions, we stay safe

We keep personal protective measures and behave responsibly

New coronavirus: Symptoms and ways of protection

Our elderly and vulnerable fellow citizens must stay away from bank counters and ATM

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