To be able to offer the most qualified service for our patients who want to have new starts in their lives, firstly we listen to our patients carefully and analyze the results of treatment in transparency after having understood their needs correctly. We decide on the most proper results together with our patients for them to be pleasant with their look after the treatment. After informing patients about before and after operational processes in detail, we keep supporting them for medical guidance on after operational processes.   Thanks to wide business partnerships of our clinic, we offer package programs to our patients such as accommodation, transfer, historical and touristic tours within the borders of Istanbul to be able to provide their needs in one hand and ensure our patients from abroad or county to feel comfortable in Istanbul which has become center of world in medical tourism.   We provide opportunities of communication in native language and nonstop flow of information for our patients who have applied for treatment with English, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Arabic speaking guides.  



Anka Hospital, started to operate in Gaziantep in the last quarter of 2016, aims to introduce Gaziantep and the surrounding provinces with a new service concept through it’s expert medical staff,advanced medical technology, fully equiped diagnotostic centers and adoption of multidisciplinary patient care approach. Anka Hospital is committed to customer satisfaction at the highest level, serving you beter with it’s 75 in-patient capacity on 1300 m2, accompanied by fully equipped General Intensive Care,Neonatal Intensive Care, Operating Room, Delivery Room, imaging center and laboratory unit benefiting from the latest tecnology.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Centers of Excellence in Cardiology and Interventional Radiology ARES were founded in 2011 and are privately owned. Our mission is to provide excellent medical services to Romanian and foreign patients, through the expertise of the most renowned physicians in Romania, top doctors from all across Europe and state of the art equipment. Ever since its inauguration, ARES became one of the leading private clinics in Romania, paving the way for revolutionary interventional cardiology procedures by performing minimally invasive treatments as an alternative for traditional surgical techniques. Over the years, thousands of interventional procedures were successfully performed at ARES, nine of which were national medical premieres and one was a European premiere. ARES is the first Eastern European Center of Excellence in the Therapy of Uterine Fibroids, the first Romanian private center that treats high blood pressure through Renal Arthery Denevration and the first private clinic to hold a department dedicated to the minimal invasive treatment of Congenital Cardiac Maflormations in Romania. ARES currently functions in three separate locations: ARES Ponderas, ARES Monza and Monza-ARES Constanța.



The Private Mental Health Hospital of Veria with the distinctive title "Asclepius" SA was the vision of the renowned Neurologist-Psychiatrist Symeon Dere. "Asclepius" Private Mental Health Hospital was founded in 2005, it is a clinic with a capacity of 80 beds in Veria, Imathia. Since its establishment until today, Asclepius Private Mental Health Hospital has been continuously providing medical services in the field of mental health, making it one of the leading providers in Imathia and in Northern Greece in general in the field of mental health. The building facilities with high standard hospital architecture are located 3 km from the center of Veria, Imathia, just before the village named "Lazochori", with easy access. It is located in an area of ​​20,000 sq.m. (20 acres) with modern facilities adapted to offer the best conditions of care and accommodation. With the establishment and operation of the "Asclepius" Private Mental Health Hospital of Veria, an ambitious effort began to redefine the role of the mental health hospital, in a highly aesthetic and well-equipped building, staffed with experienced medical staff and nurses. The hospital has the ability to treat psychiatric, neurological, psycho-geriatric cases with comorbidities (other pathological problems) as well as other cases offering the assurance that only we can provide. The hospital has treated more than 2,600 patients with mental illness since 2005. Our starting point began from the admission of the patient with the completion of a complete medical history. In the process, patients participate in individual and group psychotherapy programs by an experienced team of psychiatrists and psychologists and treated by experienced nursing staff. At the same time, the patients take part in a variety of activities as well as physiotherapy sessions, with the help of social workers, ergotherapists and physiotherapists in order to develop and strengthen their psychological skills. Our goal is to reintegrate the patient into Greek society through a program of care, treatment and education.  

Achilleion Nephrology Center


Achilleion Nephrology Center, the only one in the center of the city, is the most high-end, reliable and luxurious Chronic Dialysis Unit in Northern Greece, able to fully meet the needs of its patients and to ensure the pleasant stay of their escorts. Our vision of exemplary service and a substantial contribution to your treatment is sheltered in our 1000m² contemporary facilities where patients and their escorts enjoy our high professionalism and our exceptional services. With great respect to every patient’s personality, our experienced and expertised medical and nursing staff along with our cutting-edge technological equipment and the high-quality certified filters ensure the provision of top-quality medical services. In addition, Achilleion Nephrology Center houses an ideally designed area on the fourth floor, CAFÉ WILLEM, where escorts can enjoy the complimentary drink they want and be updated about patient's progress by our medical team while facing the view of Thessaloniki and Ladadika area at the same time. The Unit has the capability to meet the needs of its patients at the highest level offering easy wheelchair access, WC for disabled persons, spacious patient lockers, autonomous double osmosis unit, autonomous power supply by use of generator if necessary, as well as free parking on a private parking area, which is just a stone's throw from Achilleion Nephrology Center. Moreover, the Unit has a well-equipped private ambulance for the needs of its patients, with a specially trained crew. For those interested in hotel coverage, Achilleion Nephrology Center has preferential rates for hotels in the center of Thessaloniki.

Dentist Travel Turkey, which provides oral and dental health services at international standards, is welcoming you in Kuşadası with its expert physician staff. Our clinic, which is located in the heart of the holiday center of Kusadasi, is open  to provide reliable and high-quality service with its professional and friendly team staff. Dentist Travel Turkey is your go-to clinic in regards to Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Zirconium, Smile Design, Maxillofacial Surgery, Root Canal Treatment, Gum Therapies, Removable Fixed Dentures, Maxillofacial Joint Pain, Teeth Whitening, Bad breath, Panoramic X-ray, Night Plaque Therapy, Bruxism, and clenching treatments. You can enjoy Kuşadası while you renew your smile and make your holiday both healthy and happy by meeting all your oral and dental health needs. Why choose us? We provide high quality service at European standards; All dental treatments are  fully insured. Trusted by +1000 happy patients. Save 70% compared to dental treatments in your own country No hidden costs We provide you both holiday and treatment advantages We provide service in different languages Travel ends, your smile remains  Kusadasi, one of Turkey’s most popular holiday centers, enjoying the sea, entertainment centers, awaits you with a glorious summer evening and energetic people. Our clinic is located in the center of Kuşadası; and welcomes you with a healthy travel ”concept starting from the airport and lasting until the last day of your holiday with its 5-stock plaza. Dentist Travel Turkey has the opportunity to eliminate all your oral and dental health problems while you enjoy a nice holiday at the same time. In addition, our friendly and energetic team will take care of you and we have listed many historical and touristic places to visit in Kuşadası. Travel and smile! Virgin Mary Church The ancient city of Ephesus Sirince Kusadasi Historical Castle Cave of Zeus Didyma Ancient City In addition to all these, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Kuşadası while we are taking care of your oral and dental health.





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