Estetik International Health Group provides high quality and VIP service to individual aesthetic needs with its clinical and medical centers located in Istanbul, Bursa. Smart clinic, d infrastructure, service offered within well-equipped Serves at the superior level with its full equipped medical substructure and professionals expert at their subjects. Quasar assists in subjects of the aesthetical surgery and medical applications to our cross-border patients came through the health tourism and throughout Turkey. We effort for the happiness of our guests with over 50 employees of us in our Byomed Branch in Istanbul, serving with the conscious that it is a living right and the most basic humanistic right for our patients to feel good physically, spiritually and socially as the most basic right. The services given in Quasar clinic, where the research and development studies are made and the new technologies are developed particularly upon rejuvenation without any operation: All aesthetical surgical operations and medical applications, hair transplantation, Organic Hair Transplantation, Spider Web Aesthetic, hair shedding and scalp’s treatments, laser treatments and laser epilation, ozone therapy, face rejuvenation, our last techniques, diet and healthy feeding, all techniques without any operations slimming and cellulite treatments, and so much more.

GENESIS Hospital, a member of Euromedica Health Group, is a model, high technology and humane Hospital, which stretches over 18,000 square meters and has 116 beds for general and specialized hospitalization. With its modern medical – technological - electrical engineering & building premises and its experienced personnel, GENESIS is able to support in the best possible way all patients, giving at the same time particular emphasis on the sector of hospitality and the total quality of services provided. GENESIS Hospital covers almost all corresponding medical care needs. It monitors all medicine developments, opens new departments, invests in new technologies and cooperates with top Health professionals, in order to provide top quality health support to inpatients and outpatients. - Our aim is to offer prevention, diagnosis and treatment of high quality to national and international patients - Our mission is to provide comprehensive health care services focused on the safety of patients and attempting to ensure top quality at all levels - Our Values: Respect - Responsibility & Consistency -Innovation The International Patient Department (IPD) of GENESIS Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients: - Coordination, management and admission of international patients in the hospital. - Cooperation with the international insurance companies for the admission of international patients - Provision of medical and other information and orientation of the insurance companies and international patients. IPD comprises of trained and experienced multilingual personnel that will guide and assist every foreign patient to their admission in our hospital and throughout their hospitalization period and departure. In addition, there are brochures / leaflets and forms written in English, that provide information and guidelines to international patients about their hospitalization and the procedures that need to be done. Moreover, GENESIS is a founding member of ELITOUR, the first Greek "cluster" related with Medical Tourism and a member of the Global Health Travel Council. ELITOUR’s main purpose is to promote health tourism in Greece and cooperate with relevant international organizations on global issues related with Medical Tourism.

Our Clinic provides plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, hair transplantation and aesthetic dentistry services for patients who apply from national and various countries in the world with a professional and experienced team who has treated countless of patients on several places of world in Nişantaşı which is the best prestigious center of Istanbul. To be able to offer the most qualified service for our patients who want to have new starts in their lives, firstly we listen to our patients carefully and analyze the results of treatment in transparency after having understood their needs correctly. We decide on the most proper results together with our patients for them to be pleasant with their look after the treatment. After informing patients about before and after operational processes in detail, we keep supporting them for medical guidance on after operational processes. With our respect and belief in our patients and medical science, we aim to provide treatment with the latest technology by following recent progresses in the world. We believe beauty could be possible with health in the first place and correct treatment methods all the time. We try to provide our patients with the best treatment service in this journey to beauty with a correct planning process. Thanks to wide business partnerships of our clinic, we offer package programs to our patients such as accommodation, transfer, historical and touristic tours within the borders of Istanbul to be able to provide their needs in one hand and ensure our patients from abroad or county to feel comfortable in Istanbul which has become center of world in medical tourism. We provide opportunities of communication in native language and nonstop flow of information for our patients who have applied for treatment with English, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Arabic speaking guides.

Liv Hospital is a multi-specialezed medical that located in Ulus about 30 minutes drive from the International (new) Istanbul Airport. The medical complex includes 50 specialized clinics, which are located on an area of 30,000 m². Three of them are entitled as the Centers of Excellence. About 50,000 international patients choose Liv Hospital in Istanbul annually. Orthopedics, cancer treatment, weight loss surgery, neurosurgery, heart surgery and regenerative medicine are the leading specialties in the hospital. Liv is a smart hospital with innovative medical technologies available: da Vinci robot-assisted system for the surgeries, MAKOplasty for knee replacement, YAG Laser for vascular surgery, virtual angiography for cardiac diagnostics, etc. Liv Hospital in Istanbul is a popular weight loss surgery clinic in Turkey — patients lose 71% of their excess weight in a year.

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