"Greek Startups Withstand" - BookingClinic's Interview at Kathimerini

Extroversion, speed, flexibility. In this triptych, start-ups "answer" by definition, and at a given time they are called upon not only to think creatively but to re-evaluate their business model and possibly turn it into something new. The voluntary action COVID-19 Response Greece, an initiative of people from the community of OK! Thess, in which companies and startups associated with the ecosystem of technological innovation of Thessaloniki come together by organizing projects that offer practical solutions to shortages of basic necessities, such as face shields for medical and nursing staff, has seen the light of day in recent days and is a prime example of a collective effort in this direction. However, they are not the only "good news" that come to us from the field of Greek startups.


The Greek Booking Clinic, an award-winning international platform that connects patients with clinics and doctors, providing information on the medical staff, services and total costs with the possibility of online medical bookings, joins forces with the Doctors of the World and offers its platform to provide for free, remote medical guidance for the new Coronavirus disease, and contributes to your referral towards National Healthcare System (ESY), based on the guidelines of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY), without exposure to unnecessary risks."In four simple steps, the patient books an appointment with one of the Doctors of the World, talks to him through the screen of his device and receives the necessary guidance according to the EODY guidelines. In case it is deemed necessary, the Doctors of the World safely and reliably refers the patient directly to the appropriate center of the National Healthcare System (ESY)", explains Vassilia Chatzistergiou, doctor, medical content and communication manager of Booking Clinic. The voluntary action has been put under the auspices of EODY.


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