BookingClinic is among the top European Healthcare startups

A distinction for startup companies active in the Healthcare sector was awarded by the European Commission to the Greek BookingClinic, rewarding the immediate and easy access to high quality health services provided by the company through its platform to the patients. The award was made by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT Health) in 2018 as part of the Innostars Awards, where the evaluation criteria were technology, innovation and the quality of services provided to citizens.

This distinction strengthens the company's goal of being the easy and reliable bridge between patient and clinic. Through BookingClinic platform, which already has a significant presence abroad, the patient can easily and directly make an online reservation at a clinic, seeing which of them provides a treatment, with which doctors, with what experience and expertise, what innovative methods, what hosting services, what evaluations and, above all, with what total cost.

Clinics and medical centers have significant benefits by gaining a place in the e-market and easily attracting patients within and outside borders with zero cost, and also by taking their satisfaction data. At the same time, they promote their services and competitive advantages internationally and increase the proportion of private patients while entering, at no cost, in the promising sector of medical tourism. In fact, the company, as a member of Elitour (Greek Medical Tourism Council), will focus particularly on the ever-growing field of medical tourism providing comprehensive services to visitors in our country.

It is noted that BookingClinic has already begun to create a strong partner network consisting of 17 Medical Centers, including the largest clinic group in Greece in number of beds and units, while dynamically expanding abroad through collaboration with 4 specialized clinics.

At the same time, it also proceeds with collaborations with some insurance companies, with the common aim of improving the quality of health services provided to citizens.


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