Female infertility check-up - Fertility Check up

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When you struggle with infertility, you can’t easily focus on finding alternative ways to overcome this. Gurgan Clinic will provide you specific details about all services and make you focus on the right IVF center and provides medical services for female & male infertility, ivf treatment, gynecological operations to the couples who wish to have a child.

An experienced, well-educated and English-speaking team is here for couples to understand and solve their problems. Operation rooms, recovery rooms that provide luxury and hotel comfort, patient examination rooms offering patient privacy and are equipped with latest technology. 

Gürgan Clinic IVF Center is a leading Assisted Reproductive Technologies Center in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Timur Gürgan is scientific director and also board member of International Society for In Vitro fertilization (ISIVF), president of Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine and honorary president of North African Countries Reproductive Medicine and Perinatology Society. Our embryology lab has state-of-the-art technology and applies latest treatment techniques to couples in Turkey. We have a dedicated team of experts specialized in the different areas such as male & female infertility.

Choosing the right fertility center can make a big difference in your life.

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Infertility can be caused of many different factors. It is important to start your treatment firstly finding out the real reason behind the infertility. Gürgan Clinic performs IVF cycles with ICSI (microinjection) method. ICSI is mostly used in male infertility cases in which men have poor quality or low count sperm cells in ejaculation. In ICSI method, one sperm cell is injected inside one oocyte/egg cell. 

Gurgan Clinic team will be your partner in this process. Our ultimate goal is fulfilling your children dreams. We have experience in Recurrent implantation failure, Low ovarian reserve, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCO/S), Azoospermia, ROSI technique, Repeated miscarriages, Uterus abnormalities, Genetic disorders. 

An excellent team is here to support you in your IVF journey. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Additionally, if you already have reports we can consult our doctors for second opinion.


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First: Read about the treatment

Female infertility check-upFertility Check up

When you should concern about your fertility? It’s an important question. How long have you been trying to get pregnant is the key question in here. It’s well known that many couples won’t conceive right away but it’s also known that you can’t try forever by yourself. If you have been trying for at least 6 months and you are older than 35 or if you have been trying for at least 12 months and you are younger than 35, doctors usually recommend to visit a fertility doctor or gynecologist.

Infertility may have many possible reasons depending on male and female factors. Irregular periods or no ovulation, age, blocked fallopian tubes, adhesion, endometriosis, poor ovarian reserve are some of the female factors causing infertility. Low sperm counts, poor sperm motility, deformations on the shape of the sperm (morphology) are some of the male factors that decrease your fertility level. In some cases fertility reasons can be unknown. Balancing concept and supplementary treatments will increase the chance of getting pregnant.

In first consultation your doctor will take your medical history and ask for some hormone tests. Also he/she may require semen analysis or spermiogram test from your husband. This will help to analyze if your body is ready to get pregnant or not. It is important to trust your doctor and ask every question that comes to your mind in this process.

You don't need to be married for concerning about your fertility. Single women and men can also check their fertility situations. In order to preserve their fertility, egg or sperm cells can be frozen (please ask about legal procedure).

If you are thinking about having a child you shouldn’t wait too long to visit a doctor for fertility checkup. For more information you are always welcomed to reach Gürgan Clinic IVF Centers for getting IVF Support.


Female infertility check-up
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