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Παρέχει τις απαραίτητες πληροφορίες για το αιματολογικό και ουροχημικό προφίλ του ασθενούς, τις βασικές βιοχημικές σταθερές στον ορό του και επίσης για τη λειτουργία του προστάτη

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When is a woman eligible for breast surgery?


Despite being one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery, rhinoplasty remains one of the most technically demanding.

New study- How long does edema after rhinoplasty really last-

The decrease in postsurgical nasal edema following rhinoplasty was found to be highly accurate using three-dimensional morphometric assessment, according to a study in the December edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Aesthetic surgery for women- get the facts

It is perfectly normal for a woman to want to improve her body, especially after a pregnancy and birth or a surgery. The way we feel about our body and appearance is of major importance, key to the boost of self-confidence and good mood. There are solutions with which you can correct any kind of imperfection questioning the femininity of a woman, and achieve the desired appearance.

New breast cancer therapy targets ‘aggressive’ protein

Scientists have discovered a molecular “switch” that makes cells in breast cancer tumors become aggressive.

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