Male infertility check-up - Azoospermia

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Male infertility check-upAzoospermia

Many people think that having a baby when they feel ready will be easy. Your body is the one who will decide for the pregnancy.

Infertility classically means that a year of trying unprotected sex without conception. It becomes more and more common among couples. 1 in 8 couples have problems in getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Many couples don’t know the reason why they can’t conceive. Therefore, finding the reason of infertility and implementing the right treatment have crucial importance.

Man and woman both contribute to infertility. Therefore infertility specialists will try to figure out which type of infertility couples have: female or male.

Male Infertility:

Before starting an IVF treatment, it is important that men should get tested as well as women. Women visit fertility doctors and men visit urologists. Urologists will make a physical examination and then require semen analysis to check quality and quantity of sperms. The tests will figure out whether the men have infertility problems. In many cases, doctor may require surgical sperm retrieval operations. Azoospermia, oligospermia, sperm motility problems, sperm morphology problems, blocked sperm tubes, varicocele, genetic diseases, hormonal imbalances, retrograde ejaculation, obesity, use of drugs and alcohol, smoking are the male factors that can cause infertility.

You don't need to be married for concerning about your fertility. Single women and men can also check their fertility situations. In order to preserve their fertility, egg or sperm cells can be frozen (please ask about legal procedure).

If you are thinking about having a child you shouldn’t wait too long to visit a doctor for fertility checkup. For more information you are always welcomed to reach Gürgan Clinic IVF Centers for getting IVF Support.


Male infertility check-up
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