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Triantafyllou Dimitris

Dr. Plastic Surgery

Dimitris Triantafyllou graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, as well as from the Military Medical School (SAAS) with honors.
He was further educated in the United States and more specifically in the Washington University of St. Louis, with which he maintains close relations and which he visits annually. He was director of Healthcare in the Dodecanese, curator in 424 General Military Training Hospital (GSNE).
He held the rank of Chief Medical Officer and the position of Plastic Surgery Director in 424 GSNE; he retired with the rank of General Chief Medical Officer (Colonel). He has presented scientific papers and speeches in many conferences. He is a member of the Plastic Surgery company (www.herpas.gr) and a candidate Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has been a Research Fellow and a Keynote speaker for the GENESIS Hospital for 10 years, as well as a Research Fellow of Euromedica in Rhodes.

Other Activities:

  • YMCA member -Chairman of the committee of exercisers

  • Curator of the JUDO department of the National G.C.

  • Founding member of the JUDO department Ari in Thessaloniki

  • JUDO team leader of the armed forces

  • Many distinctions and participations with the National Team in the Sport of JUDO for which he has a black belt (3rd DAN)

  • Gold metal winner in the Olympiad of Doctors in Austria

  • Licensed Parachutist and Yachtsman (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club)

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The Abdominoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. 

It aims to aesthetically restore the abdominal wall by removing skin and fat from the central and lower abdomen. This eliminates laxity as long as excess skin and fat is removed. 

The loose belly is often the result of a pregnancy or a large and rapid weight loss.  Abdominoplasty is not a method to lose weight, but a surgery for fixing the marks or deformities caused by the normal cycle of life.

Abdominoplasty can restore the appearance of the abdomen, fix the malformations such as stretch marks, localized fat deposits or loose skin. Pregnancy stretch marks in  particular can be slightly improved by non-surgical methods and plastic surgery is the most effective option. Furthermore, abdominoplasty can be combined with concurrent  gynecological surgical procedures, such as vaginal hysterectomy, diagnostic laparotomy or hernia repair of the abdominal wall.

After surgery abdominoplasty the patient stays bedridden for 48 hours and 10 days from work in total for rest. After surgery, the elastic band is worn for 3 to 6 weeks. It gives more comfort and support during healing. Mild activities can be done after 3 weeks, and more laborious after 4 or less weeks.

In the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department of GENESIS, the qualifed medical personnel, after an examination, can suggest the technical approach that will best suit your needs, desires and way of life. The morphology of the region, the amount of excess fat, the state of the skin and abdominal muscles are some of the criteria that must be taken into account in order to restore the shape of the abdomen.

For more information about the surgical procedure and pre-operative instructions, schedule an advising appointment without charge with a Doctor of the Department.   


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