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Euromedica-Arogi Physical Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki


Euromedica-Arogi Physical Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki

End of 17 Noemvri, Eleones, Pylaia 54301, P.O. Box 16505, Thessaloniki, Greece

Euromedica-Arogi is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, at a short distance from the center of Thessaloniki, with a capacity of 200 beds, advanced technological equipment and modern facilities for both inpatients and outpatients. Since 2010, the center provides personalized attentive care and advanced treatment through the use of cutting- edge technology including the LOCOMAT and ARMEO robotic systems, that enable individuals who suffer from spinal cord and brain injuries, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, conditions involving acute and chronic pain, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and orthopedic traumas to rebuild their lives and overcome their discomfort. Euromedica-Arogi of Thessaloniki, the first and only rehabilitation center in the region of South-East Europe, belongs to the select global 'club' of 543 rehabilitation centers, 517 of which are in the USA, to have received the International CARF Accreditation in the category: "Inpatient Rehabilitation Programmes - Hospital". This accreditation is the highest-level certification worldwide awarded to a rehabilitation center. By pursuing and achieving CARF accreditation Euromedica-Arogi has demonstrated that it meets international standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence. We want our patients, their family and the medical community to see us a point of reference for physical medicine and rehabilitation in Greece and Southeast Europe. At Euromedica-Arogi, we take great pride in our interdisciplinary Medical Rehabilitation Team, which plans and implements the recovery of our patients, which consists of a head physiatrist in every ward, a head internist in every ward, an orthopaedist, Cardiologists, an intensive care specialist, a neurologist.


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If you wish to come to Euromedica-Arogi by bus, you need to get the 14A (stop: Kliniki Genesis, stop code: 15106)

First: Read about the treatment

Euromedica-Arogi Physical Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki
Multiple sclerosis

The patients of Multiple Sclerosis can truly benefit from an intensive rehabilitation program based on physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and hydrotherapy. 

The Physicist’s role in the patients’ rehabilitation is pivotal and it lies on the evaluation of the broad kinetic dexterities of the patient (i.e. walking) and in the evaluation and establishment of a full recovery program with the proper supporting devices. The Physicist will assess and train the patient in proper exercise programs in order to reduce spasticity, to maintain the mobility range of the limbs, to deal with rectovesic disorders as well as to strengthen the muscles and improve coordination and speech disorders. 

The rehabilitation program aims at improving walking, balance and flexibility, at increasing aerobic skill and finally the patient’s functional independence. 
The 45 day plan includes:    

  • Physiatrist evaluation, follow up
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Psychologist support
  • Social worker support
7660 Euromedica-Arogi Physical Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki
Euromedica-Arogi Physical Rehabilitation Center of Thessaloniki

Multiple sclerosis
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